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H. J. Heinz pickles - 2003

This two-module set is inspired by prototype photographs of the H.J. Heinz plant in Pittsburgh, PA. The modules represent a typical production line of raw materials and supplies on one side, while the finished product is brought out the other side in various forms of ketchup, vinegar, and other food items. An icing platform and clean-out tracks are provided to better accommodate the rail shipments. When viewing the modules from the front, west is to the left and east is to the right. The modules were built by Doug Baer and delivered mid-summer of 2001. Design and layout of the trackwork commenced through the summer and actual construction began by late summer of 2001.

First show 1
The McKeesport modules at the first show in 2003. No structures are constructed yet, but the basic roads are installed. The roads are constructed of WS foam with a thin layer of spackle that has been painted concrete and weathered
Second show
The ice house has been completed and is built from the JL Innovative 'Brookside Ice House'. It took nearly 6 months to construct, but the effort is well worth it. The shell of the shipping building is beginning to take shape.
Second show 2
A South Penn SW1 guides a short train over the McKeesport industrial siding.The MK Tower is a secondhand tower that has been painted AWL colors: cream with dark green trim.
East coast hobby show
A westward view of the McKeesport modules. The shipping building now has windows and some basic paint. The McKeesport station is installed as well.
McKeesport station on H. J. Heinz modules at Independence Junction 2006
Interior of McKeesport station.
Susquehanna Bridge - Under Construction Oct. 2005. Adapted from Walthers Swing Bridge
LEFT - East end of bridge modules Oct. 2005

BELOW - East End of bridge modules June 2006 showing the beginning of scenery being applied.

Overview of bridge module. Aisle side is to the left. Where the track switch is located will be the start of the bridge on piers.

October 2005

The photo above shows scenery going in and a structure is being accomodated with a siding. Water will go under the bridge as a river basin.

The west end of the bridge will have a canal being crossed by the Railroad as seen here.

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