Rob R’s Modules


Louisville is a northeastern city in the middle of autumn in the 1990’s. Along with Lou’s Diner and Jessica’s Shoe Emporium, the major online customers are MGR Shops, Fran’s Oil CO. and Lou’s Snowplows (name to change.) MGR Shops is a car repair shop with the building being loosely based off of the former Tank Car Corp. in Oreland, PA and with the visual feel of the PRR’s Hollidaysburg Shops trackwork. The front few inches of the building will be modeled on this portion of the layout with the bulk on my home layout.

Fran’s Oil is a small oil distributing company modeled on a small jutout of the main module. Oil comes in and is distributed to homes and businesses in the area. Lou’s Snowplows is a manufacturer of snowplows for municipal and commercial use. I have modified the original building to have rail use on 2 floors. A ramp leads to the second floor docks. It is one building now but I plan some expansion in the future.

Louisville is also home to a Civil War reenactment. Every year, thousands of people come to see the epic battles of the North and South portrayed here.